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Available Business Jet Reports

The FAA's monthly Business Jet Report provides a snapshot of trends in business jet activity up through the previous month, and a ranking of the top 10 airports and aircraft used for business jet operations over the past year. Business jet activity is used by bankers and other economic analysts as one indicator of overall economic conditions.

The Business Jet Report is derived from operations of specific Equipment Codes observed in ETMS and is updated through the prior month by the 20th of the current month.

 Business Jet Report for Apr 2016 Business Jet Report for Mar 2016 Business Jet Report for Feb 2016
 Business Jet Report for Jan 2016 Business Jet Report for Dec 2015 Business Jet Report for Nov 2015
 Business Jet Report for Oct 2015 Business Jet Report for Sep 2015 Business Jet Report for Aug 2015
 Business Jet Report for Jul 2015 Business Jet Report for Jun 2015 Business Jet Report for May 2015
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